The EuroScisci project builds on a series of scientific workshops (2022-2023) organized by Jacob Habinek (The Institute for Analytical Sociology, Linköping University), Pantelis Analytis (Danish Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Southern Denmark) and Samuli Reijula (TINT/Theoretical Philosophy, University of Helsinki).


May 2024: EuroScisci organizes a pre-conference workshop at INAS 2024 (16TH Annual Conference of the International Network of Analytical Sociology).

Diversity in Science Workshop (Helsinki, June 2022)
Mixed Methods in Science Workshop (Athens, December 2022)
Impact of Interdisciplinarity Workshop (Odense, May 2023)
Bridging Approaches Workshop (Munich, October 2024)
ICSSI (Copenhagen, June 2025)
IC2S2 (Norrköping, July 2025)

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